The Best Software For Web Scraping - 4 Amazing Options Defined By Semalt Expert

Web scraping tools and programs are designed to extract data from different web pages. They are made in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++ and other programming languages and are also known as web data extractors or data harvesters. All web scraping tools can be installed on local computer or mobile devices and enable you to harvest data in a variety of forms. Typically, a web scraping software transforms the raw data into the structured and organized data and gives you accurate results.


It is one of the best and most reliable web scraping software on the Internet. If you want to scrape content from different web pages and have short of time, you may use and scrape data from as many pages as you want. This tool allows you to perform multiple data scraping tasks at a time. For the complex and dynamic sites, you will have to download its desktop app and enjoy a range of unique features. The most interactive features of are web crawling, secure login, and data extractions. You can import the content to Google sheets, Excel, and You can also download the scraped data to your hard drive for offline uses.

2. HarvestMan

HarvestMan is a free, open-source data scraping and web crawling tool. It is written in the Python language and can be used to collect, scrape and save data from different web pages. Its latest version has over 50 customization options and lots of features to get benefited from. Once downloaded and activated, you can use HarvestMan to scrape text, images, and videos conveniently. Most of the properties of this tool are similar to Scrapy. HarvestMan is a flexible and reliable data scraping tool that comes in two different versions: free and paid.

3. Content Grabber

If you want to extract data from Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, Content Grabber is the right option for you. This tool ensures the provision of scalable and readable data. Content Grabber fixes all the minor errors in your data and is the next evolution in data scraping technology. The software can handle travel portals and news websites easily. You can also use Content Grabber to crawl your web pages. The extracted data can be saved in Dropbox, Google Drive, and With Content Grabber, you can perform up to 20 data scraping tasks at a time.

4. Mozenda

Mozenda is one of the most powerful and reliable web scraping tools. It is best known for its user-friendly interface and is designed to collect and scrape data with a few clicks. Mozenda is suitable for programmers, webmasters, journalists, scholars, and enterprises. You don't need to learn Python, Ruby, C++ or another programming language. In fact, you can easily scrape, manage and store your data without compromising on quality. Mozenda has different interactive options and features to ease your work. This tool takes the hassle out of publishing the data. You just have to highlight the content and Mozenda will publish it to your site automatically. You can easily scrape websites with cookies, redirects, sitemaps, AJAX and JavaScript.

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